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Under Attack?

We’re here to help you get back to business.

Cybercrime can hit any business of any size in any industry, and when it does, you need a highly skilled team by your side.

Our breach/incident response team engages battle-proven methods and procedures along with resources who are trained to handle fast-evolving multi-faceted situations.


As part of the breach response, our team of cybersecurity experts will manage the breach, perform forensics, and negotiate with cybercriminals when needed.


Once we stabilize the situation we will guide your team on recovery efforts, reporting, and communicating the consequences of the incident to various stakeholders and regulatory bodies. 

Three Steps to Take in an Emergency


Disconnect network cables and close WiFi connections of the suspected device(s). Do not power-off the device(s).



Our team of experts with military backgrounds and experience in cyber warfare & defence will manage the incident on your behalf. We will work with your IT team to eradicate the threat and get you back to normal operations with the lowest impact on your business.


Time is of the essence; each second counts to prevent additional harm. Our cybersecurity experts are available 24x7x365 to respond to your call or email. Call our Incident Response hotline now.



I'm under attack and need immediate assistance!

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