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Armour Cybersecurity and Exadel announce strategic partnership

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Armour Cybersecurity and Exadel offer complementary services to cover a wide range of cybersecurity needs, software development, and digital transformations.

Armour Cybersecurity has announced a strategic partnership with Exadel, a leading software engineering company that delivers digital platforms, products, and applications organizations need to run and grow their businesses.

The partnership will see the two companies combine forces using the military intelligence-grade expertise of Armour Cybersecurity and Exadel’s software engineering expertise to deliver solutions alongside cybersecurity services to a range of international customers.

Exadel’s extensive expertise in software engineering services covers various areas — from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Quality Assurance to DevOps, Cloud, and Marketing Technology.

“Armour Cybersecurity professionals have years of experience working to protect sovereign states against external threats,” said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel. “We’re excited to help put software behind their creative and in-depth understanding of security.”

“The partnership plays to the strengths of both organizations,” said David Chernitzky, CEO of Armour Cybersecurity. “We echo Exadel’s progressive thinking of the need for enhanced security that digital transformations can create.”


Contact us for additional information about this partnership or to discuss how this announcement can help you.


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