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The Armour 360 Protection Package Enhances Law Firm's Security in an Age of Hybrid Work


After moving to a hybrid work environment amid the COVID pandemic, a Toronto based mid-sized law firm with approximately 50 employees faced a potential security threat when one of its clients was the victim of a data breach. A cybercriminal had successfully infiltrated its systems and extracted sensitive information. As a result, the law firm was concerned about the security of its systems and assets, as well as sensitive documents belonging to other clients. The firm decided to take proactive measures to protect its systems, which faced a greater risk of exposure now that its key entry points – such as employees computers, email, web browsers and mobile devices – were vulnerable to attacks in a hybrid work environment.


With new threats looming from mobile devices and a reliance on collaborative work tools such as Office 365, the firm adopted the Armour360 Protection Package to secure all assets and data. The firm had basic IT security in place from their IT Managed Services provider, but it was not enough. Armour Cybersecurity quickly implemented threat identification and mitigation technologies, configured them to best in class standards, enabling it to detect potential breaches earlier and respond in a more time effective manner. Our experts hardened passwords across the firm's systems and applications, and enacted multi-factor authentication to protect employee laptops and prevent unauthorized access to systems. As part of the implementation, we installed enterprise grade technologies enabling the firm to monitor threats in real-time – if a threat to email, mobile devices, laptop, desktop or web browsers emerged, it was assessed and mitigated immediately. With these new security tools backed by a global team of world class experts, the firm now had the capability to take early action on potential threats and protect key business assets. Armour Cybersecurity helped the incumbent IT MSP firm providing service to the law firm to improve practices around IT hygiene on network and computing devices, and especially backup hardening activities led the firm to be more resilient to future cyber-attacks which will allow them to recover data and systems almost in every possible scenario.


Armed with 24/7/365 protection, the firm is positioned to mitigate threats that arise in its hybrid work environment and those that may impact client assets. The firm faces fewer threats, in the form of phishing emails and malware, most of them simply prevented from being delivered to employee inbox or at entry point before reaching employees browser or computer. Those that surface are quickly identified, blocked and remediated by Armour360’s ongoing monitoring. As a result, the firm has significantly reduced its risk profile – communications channels and client data are protected. Staff can access company systems and email in a secure fashion from anywhere around the globe at any time. The firm’s prospects and clients recognize it takes security seriously and have peace of mind, knowing that sensitive information is secure. The Armour360 Protection Package also enabled the firm to secure an RFP for a large contract due to their enhanced cybersecurity structure. Staff are protected by enterprise-grade technology globally and supported by experts who can mitigate threats when they arise.


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