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Cybersecurity package that works as hard as you do.

Crafted to help business owners protect their business, data and livelihood from the devastating impact of a cyber attack. 

Start from a single solution or get it all.


Simplified. So you can focus on the things that matters.

We know that leading a business in complicated.  We also understand that figuring out the various cybersecurity tools to protect your business is not a task everyone can do. That's why we created cyberSecure for small business owners.  We simplified cybersecurity so you don't have to and created a security package that works you, not against you!

onboard your business in minutes

no loss of productivity or "security overhead"

stay protected against ever evolving threats

managed for you by top cybersecurity  experts

High performance security.
Best of human and artificial intelligences. 

We bring together elite military and intelligence cybersecurity veterans' knowledge with an advanced solution that consolidates 11 security tools and over 60 AI engines, and real-time threat intelligence from millions of sensors globally, to secure all of your business. Yes, even your mobile phone. We protect your business against the following threats:​​





Bot Attacks

Man in the Middle

Account Takeover

Data Leakage (DLP)

What's under the hood?

Any Location
Any App
Any Device
Easily Managed

Protect your team wherever they are.  At all times.

Your team perform their best when they are focused on the tasks ahead.  We help secure your team so they can move forward without productivity loss or downtime.  Wherever they are: office, home, and on the go. Whichever device they are currently using: laptop, desktop, mobile. Whatever platform they are on.  We got your business covered.

Any Device

User PCs/iMacs

Mobile phones (iOS, Android)

Tablets (iOS, Android)

Company-owned and BYOD

Any Location



On the go

Remote users

Attack Vectors

Malicious emails

Malicious websites

Rouge networks

Rouge applications 

Rouge USB 

Theft or loss

Human errors

Stop renewing your old and ineffective antivirus. Improve your cybersecurity readiness today!

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Watch how we help an accounting firm facing a rolling cyber attack

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