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Advisory Board.

Our advisory services help business leaders understand their risk associated with cyber threats,
create effective remediation programs aligned with business objectives and risk appetite,
have access to world class consulting expertise in cybersecurity.  

Board Advisory

Our senior cybersecurity consultants serve as expert advisors on your board of directors. Currently, an increasing number of organizations are taking proactive measures by bringing in cybersecurity experts to advise their board of directors on cyber strategy, compliance, and risk management.  

Key Outcomes: 

  • Improved strategic decision making 

  • Better preparedness for crisis management  

  • Increase in customer trust

Cyber Strategy & Roadmap Development

Let us build your organization a comprehensive right sized strategy and practical roadmap to ensure your resources and efforts are being used effectively. Creating a robust cyber defense requires expertise and experience, our consultants will take this task off your hands so you can focus on important business needs.  

Key Outcomes: 

  • Better organizational alignment between business strategy and cyber defense 

  • Improved budgetary planning  

  • Structured long-term resource planning 

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

One of our bestselling services. Our cybersecurity experts will evaluate the baseline state of your organization’s cyber defense from 360 degrees, determine the gaps, provide recommendations on where it should be, and outline the steps on how to get there. This will entail a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s cybersecurity based on leading cybersecurity frameworks, NIST, ISO or others.

Key Outcomes: 

  • Clear understanding of what needs to be done to secure your organization 

  • Ability to create cybersecurity improvement program based on the risks identified 

  • Improved budgetary planning  

Privacy Risk Management

Armour’s privacy experts will evaluate how your organization’s data is managed and identify privacy risks. We ensure your organization is adhering to privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, LGPD, etc.

Key Outcomes: 

  • Compliance with regulations 

  • Reduced legal and financial risks 

  • Enhanced reputation and trust 

Compliance Readiness Assessment

This service is designed to prepare your organization for compliance certification audit. Our team will assess your organization against aspired compliance framework and will help you remediate potential gaps proactively to ensure you pass your upcoming compliance audit with flying colours.

Key Outcomes: 

  • Creating structured preparation process for compliance audit 

  • Reduced time to obtain successful compliance certification 

  • Minimizing compliance certification cost 

Supplier Risk Management

Our experts will assess and mitigate the cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors, suppliers, and service providers who have access to your organizations systems and data. More specifically, we will provide you with a framework to assess the cybersecurity risks posed by suppliers that is aligned with your organizations overall risk management approach.

Key Outcomes: 

  • Better supply chain resilience 

  • Increased protection of sensitive information 

  • Enhanced cybersecurity posture 

Cyber Insurance Advisory

We offer assistance in selecting the right cyber insurance policy for your organization’s specific business needs. Our experts help you to answer often complicated questionnaires from insurance underwriters, understand the scope of coverage you need, analyze your risk profile, and assess a range of different suppliers. Furthermore, if gaps exist in your organization that will prevent you from obtaining insurance coverage, we will be able to assist you in addressing them. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • Reduced chance of being rejected from cyber insurance coverage 

  • Lower premiums  

  • Confidence in selecting right sized coverage 

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