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Armour Cybersecurity Recognized by Check Point

Armour Cybersecurity had its Partner Status upgraded by Check Point Software Technologies, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally.

The Check Point Partner Program brings together a global community of leading technology partners in cybersecurity. Out of 200 partners in the program in Canada, Armour Cybersecurity ranked in the top ten in terms of growth. With the award, Armour Cybersecurity is positioned as a partner that can continue to deliver Check Point solutions across our entire portfolio of services.

Check Point’s partner program, launched in 2015, distinguishes Armour Cybersecurity as a leader and recognizes our ability to support companies and deliver value to customers through cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and advisory services. The program has played a key role in accelerating our revenue growth through collaboration with Check Point in the form of financial resources, sales and technical training and certification.

This award strengthens the partnership between our companies and reinforces the confidence that our customers should have in our ability to secure their business using today’s leading defense technologies.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of our entire team as well as a shared commitment by our respective organizations to collectively protect our customers from future cyber threats.

We are proud to be a partner to Check Point and look forward to continued success and collaboration with the Check Point team. We’re committed to a shared partnership built on trust, mutual accountability and our unwavering commitment to helping customers address cybersecurity risks.


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