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Introducing ARMOUR 360

Updated: May 11, 2022

Today we introduce ARMOUR 360. ARMOUR 360 bundles enterprise-grade technologies with managed cybersecurity services into a single low monthly fee. Now, you can protect your business like enterprises do.

Watch David Chernitzky, Armour Cybersecurity's CEO, explain what you get and how we do it for you.


Today we introduce ARMOUR 360.

ARMOUR 360 is a service built on the principle of prevention.

It is designed to stop cyber attacks Before they reach your business.

ARMOUR 360 Foundation is the best of the breed enterprise-grade.

cyber defense technologies, but the real value of ARMOUR 360 is that you have the best cyber security experts working for you from now on, focusing on your business’ security

365 days a year.

We right size it for your needs, whether your business has 10 or 250 employees. We got you covered.

What do you get?

ARMOUR 360 is a complete end-to-end cyber coverage.

We take care of everything: advanced endpoint detection and response solution,

which will protect all your devices, on any OS, this replaces your ineffective antivirus and saves you money.

Email protection,

Office 365,Google Workspace and applications like: OneDrive, G-drive, Box

Slack and others are now secured from malicious code, malware or phishing and other multifaceted attacks.

This is an excellent example of how we prevent an attack before it lands on your employee’s inbox.

We will secure your mobile devices.

Mobile vulnerability is a huge problem these days and it will only get worse. Some have more data on their cell phones then on their PCs, and today most of the businesses are not protected.

Revolutionary Browser Security.

This solution prevents web-attacks, Phishing, malicious files downloads and protects you against business credentials abuse.

Securing your communication channels at all times.

VPN is no longer enough in today's reality. It doesn't keep you as secure as it should and often bypassed by employees. ARMOUR 360 solves. It will bring always-on protection based on SASE and zero trust. This is the best modern solution you can get for working from office or remote.

Sounds complicated. It is, but not for us. We've been helping customers like you for years.

Based on our experience, we brought together the best enterprise-grade technologies from market leaders, like Check Point, Fortinet, and others. But, even the best technology is not effective if you don't know how to configure or operate it.

ARMOUR 360's real secret weapon is a team of experts.

Our experts will continuously focus on your business cyber security settings

and configuring the technology, monitoring it daily to ensure optimal protection, and handling your security events.

ARMOUR 360 will allow you to devote 100% of your attention to your business

and not worry about cybersecurity.


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