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Signs you have been hacked

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Here are a few telltales to generally be aware of and watch for. If you think you have been hacked or currently under attack contact our Incident Response Team for immediate assistance.

In your finances:
  • Your online financial accounts are missing money.

  • You notice unusual transactions on your credit card statements.

  • You notice a higher than usual data consumption on your monthly Internet bill from your Internet Service Provider.

Devices (hardware):
  • Your computers are locked and your log-in codes do not work.

  • You see a ransom message on one of your devices.

  • You notice your computer is awake at times it shouldn’t be.

  • Your mobile lost connectivity as you interacted with an email/document/app/message.

Devices (software):
  • Your anti-virus shuts down or sends you a fake/odd message.

  • A new toolbar was added to your browser.

  • Your browsing activities result in a redirection (not the expected website).

  • Your log-ins do not work on online sites you frequently visit.

  • You notice newly installed applications.

  • Your notice unusual behaviour of your Windows OS (Windows Update, Windows Defender, or Task Manager have been turned off).

With others:
  • Your connections receive social messages or emails as if sent by you.

  • Someone reached out to you (email, voicemail, message) that you have been hacked and provides identifiable details.

You have a gut feeling. You feel something is out of the ordinary but can’t express exactly what it is.


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